Best Dash Cam: A Complete Buying Guide

Best Dash Cam: A Complete Buying Guide

A Dash Cam is a camera that is mounted on the dashboard of a car and it can be helpful as it records the complete drive during commutation. There are several different types of dash cam available in the market and they are available with different features and in different price range. In this article, we have mentioned some of the buying tips so that you can choose the Best Dash Cam available in the market. Read our best dash cam reviews here.

Factors to be considered while making a purchase decision

To get the best dash cam, you may consider the following factors before finalizing the purchase.

  • Insurance Discounts – Some of the companies offers a discount on the insurance if you purchase one of the dash cams which is listed on their website and thus you may want to consider a camera which is affiliated with an insurance company. Most of the companies offer about 10% to 20% discount on the car insurance if you have a camera
  • Storage Capacity – This is another factor that needs to be considered while making a purchase. Most of the cameras can’t support a memory card over 32 GB hence the same needs to be checked while browsing through various cameras. You may also want to check the internal storage of the camera and most of the camera starts to re-write on the old video once the memory is full.
  • Image Quality – Image quality is another important factor that you may want to consider while selecting a Dash Cam. You may want to purchase a camera that supports 4K recording as the camera will be able to record details such as the car registration number. You may also want to buy a camera with a wide angle lens so as to record complete details of the surroundings. Maximum recording angle available is about 140 degrees.
  • GPS – Some of the cameras also come with an inbuilt GPS and the GSP is able to record the coordinate of the place and along with this, the GPS can also record the speed of the vehicle. Some of the cameras have an inbuilt GPS whereas some come with an external GPS.
  • Parking Mode – Some of the best dash cams come with a parking mode and in these dash cameras, the camera records the moments when the car is parked. This feature can be helpful if someone tries to break into the car while the car is parked.
  • G-Sensor – Almost every Dash Cam comes with a G- Sensor and what this sensor does is that the sensor locks the recorded video when it senses a significant and sudden change in G force. Such type of impact is usually experienced during a crash.
  • Other Safety Features – Some of the cameras also come with other safety features and these cameras can be paired up to the car’s system and they alert the driver when the lane is changed or when the driver gets too close to another car.

So, while making a purchase, you may want to consider the features mentioned above as the features may help you in finding the as per your requirements.

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