LG G6 Specifications, Price and Release date


During the world mobile congress 2016, LG made a very big launch of G5 which was held in Barcelona. Now, the admirers of LG are waiting for the success of this flagship, i.e., LG G6. With this new phone from LG, the users are also expecting some unique and marvellous features and to take their excitement to a whole new level, we have geared up with this formative article. All the information on LG G6 Specifications, Price and Release date have been compiled in this article so as to make sure that you guys get filled with the information in the right manner.

LG G6 Specifications

LG G6 Specifications

The rumour revolving around LG G6:

Okay! So first things first. The rumours are the most inflammable words that spread very quickly and when it’s a new phone of LG, they attain momentum very quickly. Talking about this new phone of LG, G6 is going to get an awesome makeup of a larger display. Plus, this new generation phone is going to have some added features of sensors that will include health, eye, and others as well. Moreover, there are high expectations that the phone will come with waterproof technology.

The word that the new phone will have a 3D display is moving very fast in the market but it is still not confirmed. But once confirmed, the user will have an experience of best gaming and video streaming. The phone is also rumored to have wireless technology. To provide the users with an enhanced form of security, eye sensor is the new thing that the user will experience with this phone. The camera of this phone will also get auto laser focus and wide lens so that the user can get a large view.

The release of LG G6:

The company has already decided to make more comfortable for its phone. Since Samsung will be releasing its S8 phone a bit later this year, therefore, the company will be releasing this phone during the month of April 2017 or most probably in the first week of the same month.

The specification of LG G6:

The specifications start by displaying the beauty of the phone which is supposed to go big and reach to 5.7 inches. The most impacting feature regarding the screen of the G6 phone is that it will have an 18:9 aspect ratio instead of a 16:9. This enlarged ration clearly points that the web content surfing is going to be much better. Further, the resolution of the LCD panel is planned to go 2880 by 1440.

LG G6 specifications

LG G6 specifications

The highest of the expectations from G6 is that the processor of this is going to be 835 and the RAM is supposed to reach 6 GB. The predecessor of G6 has 32 GB of internal memory and therefore the company is planning to load G6 with 64 GB of internal memory. Talking about the camera of this phone, it is well expected that the company might be planning to put some extra megapixels in it so that the phone gives its users a clearer image capturing capability.

Above all, the company is planning to put some more ions in the battery and is trying to make the battery power more which no one will be able to remove. Being suspected to come with a waterproof technology, the latest version of android and wireless charging, G6 is going to outnumber everything.

The design if LG G6 is going to come covered with some other thing rather than the aluminum body. This means that the upcoming phone might get a complete makeover. The images that got leaked a few days back showed that the design of the phone will feature a brushed-metal finish. Further, the Chief Technical Officer of LG, Skott Ahn has made it clear that the new phone is going to have a unibody design.

Nowadays, things have gone from cash to cashless and therefore LG has decided to launch their app LG Pay through which user would be able to pay online. The new upcoming phone is suspected to have this app pre-installed in it. The service of this app will use both, NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). Before the whole thing comes to the platform, it must be seen that the service is not launched in the whole world and launching in one country won’t help and is also not an easy task. Therefore, this is going to take more time.

Google Assistant in LG G6-

The software update of LG G6 is still a mystery for us but the company is planning to make it possible for the user that they feature the intelligent virtual assistant system of Google.

google assitant lg g6

The price for LG G6 phone-

This flagship is going to be expensive and the company has already made it clear about it. As per the assumptions the company will launch this product at a price difference of $50 with respect to the price of the G5. Moreover, the price of this phone is going to vary in different parts of the world. But mostly, the phone will cost more to the users of Europe and US due to high taxes.

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