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Mohu Airwave is a Game changing Wireless device which is use to deliver free air TV Channels.  Mohu is looking to deliver a straight direct way to get live over the air TV.

Mohu is AC-powered Tv antenna which can be work anywhere in wifi network and it can also work on Ethernet jack for reliability so you can set it up anywhere and watch on any device. As the company is work on the compatibility with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android.

The smart new feature of AirWave is packed with Mohu’s “ClearPix” technology which optimise the antenna configuration depend upon the location and strength of signal received.



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1. Set up the antenna at best place in your house to get the excellent signal strength.

2. Then, Connect Airwave device with the excellent signal wifi network via Mohu TV App.

3. Now it’s time to enjoy watching free TV, live streaming TV, local TV on your favourite device.


Mohu Airwave wireless OTA antenna

The Airwave is a single channel tuner device but at client side multiple channels can be access on different devices at same point of time within the network range. So the devices outside the connected network where not able to access the Mohu Airwave channels.

As the release date of Mohu Airwave is finalised in April or May 2017 .  As now we all are waiting for the final production model but the initial impressions of Mohu Airwave is quite impressive. As the Airwave is competing with cord cutters friendly devices.

The similar apps as Mohu Airwave apps are as follows:

1. AirTV

2. Tablo Live

3. Tablo Droid

Mohu Airwave Price and Varients

The Mohu Airware Tv OTA Antenna will launches in following variants.

Mohu Sky MH-110585 60 TV Antenna @ $149.95 CLICK HERE . The specifications are :

  1. Outdoor,
  2. Amplified,
  3. Amplified,
  4. 60 Mile Range,
  5. Durable Lightweight,
  6. Mount Kit Included,
  7. Roof or Attic,
  8. 4K-Ready,
  9. 30 Foot Detachable Cable..etc

Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna @ $69.95 CLICK HERE . The Specifications are :


  1. Indoor,
  2. Amplified,
  3. 50 Mile Range,
  4. Original Paper-thin,
  5. Reversible,
  6. Paintable,
  7. 4K-Ready HDTV,
  8. 16 Foot Detachable Cable,
  9. Premium Materials for Performance..etc


Mohu Curve 50 TV Antenna @ $68.00 CLICK HERE . The Specifications are :

  1. Indoor,
  2. Amplified,
  3. 50 Mile Range,
  4. Modern Design,
  5. Tabletop,
  6. Paintable,
  7. 4K-Ready HDTV, 1
  8. 6 Foot Detachable Cable,
  9. Premium Materials for Performance..etc.

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