Top 5 Movie Streaming Apps to Download 2017

movie streaming, android appIn the past one decade use of smartphones have been increased exponentially. In that addition, use of Android smartphones increased more than any other device. Android is easy to use, with more than 13 million apps available to use maybe the reason behind its enormous success. Many of us are aware of the fact that android is an open operating system that anyone can use and developing apps for android is much easier as compared to IOS and windows. There are so many apps that are available for android but not available on PlayStore since they violate the policies of playstore. Among all such apps, movie streaming apps are one such category that is not available on playstore. Movie streaming apps are very beneficial as one can watch movies for free of cost without any extra efforts that save money and efforts both. Considering the need of movie streaming apps, we decided to share the top 5 movie streaming apps of 2017 that one can freely use with the android devices.

  1. 123Movies App:

123Movies Apk download is a free android app available to use for any android device. It is a mobile app version of famous website 123movies that also get used for the same purpose. One can browse any movies of his/her choice irrespective of any genre in any language. Though most of the movies available on the app are in either english or in hindi. It consumes less space of your mobile and doesn’t cause any time lag for other internal process of your phone.

2. Showbox:

Showbox is another such app that most of our readers are aware of .can be utilized for the purpose of movie streaming and download in your mobile phones. One can also use showbox or any of the app mentioned here in your PC with the help of any android emulator. You can try for bluestacks PS X emulator that is purposely being used for the download of such apps in your computer. Showbox is a free app but like other apps it is not available on playstore. You can use app stores like aptoide to download it. It is one of the most common app that is being widely used by many of users.

3. Megabox:

Megabox is also an app of same features though the most updated one among all the apps mentioned here. One can use it for free and it consume less space as compared to showbox. It is solely an app that can be use for the purpose of movie streamin but when it comes to downloading the movies, it is not a good choice. It can provide you the movies in 360 pixels and 720 pixels. There are many of the apps that you have already use, you should give a try on megabox as well. You can also watch movies in HD quality with the help of Megabox App.

4. Bobby Movie App:

There are very few apps that are available for android and IOS both, Bobby movies app is one among them. One can use bobby movies app on PC, Android, IOS and all the operating system. It is a free to use app and one can download it using its official website. It is one of the most interactive app to download since its user-interface is quite good as compare to other apps.

5. Cinemabox:

Cinemabox is another movie streaming app that one can use to download and live stream all the movies. One can watch any movie irrespective of its genre, and language. The app provide apps of multiple genre and language, one can also download hollywood apps using cinemabox. Cinemabox also provide HD movies online.

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